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Event Management and Organizing Services

We provide complete solution for corporate to organise their different program. Our dedicated team is here for you to create a memorable event or a unique tour for our clients.Events management or planning are the procedure of arranging a celebration, function, competition, gathering, show, or meeting. Occasion arranging incorporates rationing, securing dates and interchange dates, selecting and holding the occasion site, obtaining permits, and organizing transportation as well as parking.

As an Event Management company in Delhi sociosis have been organizing & Managing occasions for a decade now. We offer High Quality and Professional services for Corporate Events, Weddings & Private Parties. From Concept improvement in Venue Selection to Technical wanting to Event preparation to Final execution, we do everything. Our prepared occasion service experts help our customers in the formation of pre-event and post-occasion correspondences as well.

Occasion arranging likewise incorporates the below, depending upon the occasion: –

  • Developing a subject or theme for the occasion
  • Setting up speakers plus substitute speakers
  • Coordinating area backing, for example, power and different utilities
  • Arranging adornment, tables, seats, tents
  • Event backing and security
  • Cuisine, police, fire, versatile toilets, parking, signage, and crisis plans
  • Health care experts and Dressing station as well as cleaning

Event Management Services are mentioned below –

  • Promotions
  • Rural activation
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Road shows
  • Fabrication of sets & themes
  • workshop & compaining


  • Merchandise & Installation
  • Health checkup camp
  • Press conferences
  • Thematic decor
  • Social events
  • Corporate Event

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