Election Management Software

We know decision directors and general society need quick and-exact race results. That is the reason we have created a few election management software frameworks that make the reporting methodology simpler, more solid, and more available.
Election management software that is effective, sagacious and profitable.

Characteristics :

  • Inquiry name of voters in English.
  • Print Voter Slip in hindi and English both languages
  • Print Election Symbol on Voter Slip
  • Print Candidate Name on Voter Slip
  • You can exchange information of your ward electorate utilizing our software
  • You can reuse this machine at election

Other Features –

Usability - This software is an intuitive, simple to-utilize application that streamlines work process and evacuates redundancy.
Concurrent Multiuser access - Election management software empowers vast purviews to permit different approved faculty to all the while make survey media gadgets. Furthermore, different groups of race authorities can work all the while on distinctive decisions.
Information Security - Election management software joins the most recent in race security, including uplifted review controls and change management forms that are implicit to keep decision information sheltered and secure.
Eligible voters figure out how and where to go vote – You Can Count the Voters Figure and also give the information to voter where they go for voting. so you can manage Voter easily where and Which poling station they go for voting.
Voters slips – You can’t need go to another Place For Voter Slip, You can Easily Generate Voter Slip in our Election software.
Age group wise Voters List – You target the Voter by Age wise.because Our Election software give the Age wise voter figure to you.
Alphabetical List – You Can find the Voter By Alphbeticalwise.
Building Name wise List – Now You can Target The building. Our Election software give you BuildingName’s wise List.
Buildingwise Report – You want buildingwise report. you get this report in our Election software.
Languagewise report – You can target the voter by language.you get languagewise voter Group in this Election software.
Familywise Report – you also find the which voter belongs to Which Family.
Voted and Non-Voted Voters List on Election day(buildingwise) – you find the non-voted Voter list in election day. so you can get all the information of that voeter.
Buildinglist with more than 100 and 52 voters – you can get the list of Building more than 100 and 52 voters then you can target the building which contains max.

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