E-Politics प्रचार

E politics

Election Management Soft

We know decision directors and general society need quick and-exact race results. That is the reason we have created a few election management software frameworks that make the reporting methodology simpler, more solid, and more available.


Personalized Letters

Sociosis supports voting applicants by sending personalized letters in each of the family head for voting that incorporate the names and complete locations of voters, party affiliation, telephone numbers, dates of birth, ethnic and gender codes, etc.


Dummy EVM Machine

Dummy Voting Machine is very low cost solution for demonstration of voting to contestant candidates. It avoids the confusion of voter, mistake in voting, double voting mistakes, and missing of votes.After all this is a live demo of voting with beep sound …


Bulk SMS/Voice SMS

Sociosis offer E-politics services like Bulk SMS/Voice SMS to people, Bulk SMS alarms & Bulk SMS programming are designed around a standout amongst the most customized channels of correspondence ..


Booth File with Stationeries

Sociosis productions provide booth file with stationeries that are very helpful for a successful voting process. The bottom line of voter requirement is that they easily vote their selected candidate in a hassle free environment.


Audio-Video Promotions

We have over 10,000 AV tools that empower any promotion to rapidly spring to life. Projectors, lighting, sound, systems services, arranging and apparatus are all taken care of by varying media specialists who spend significant time…

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